Policy on the use of cookies

The website Easypneus uses cookies and similar technologies. In the following we describe what cookies we use and for what purposes.
By using our website you accept that we use cookies as described below.

1) What is a cookie and similar technologies?

Cookies are small information units which the Website places on your computer's hard disk, on your tablet or on your smartphone. Cookies contain information that the Website uses to make the communication between you and your web browser more efficient. The cookie does not identify you as an individual user but identifies your computer.

There are two types of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary bits of information which are deleted when you exit your web browser. Persistent cookies are more permanent bits of information that are stored and remain on your computer until they are deleted. Persistent cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time but are renewed each time you visit the website.

The Website Easypneus uses session cookies and persistent cookies.
We use similar technologies for storing and accessing information in the browser or device which utilizes local units and local storage, such as HTML 5 cookies, Flash and other methods. These technologies can operate across all your browsers.

2) What type of cookies do we use and for what purposes?

We use cookies for:

- Orders:
Fulfill your requests or any other contractual obligation generated by the use of the site and inform you about your orders and order confirmations.

  • Performance of the site:
Allow the Website to ensure and improve performance, particularly during the different campaigns.

  • Statistics:
Measuring Website traffic i.e. number of visits on the Website, which domains the visitors come from, which pages the visitors visit on the Website and in which overall geographical area the visitors are located.

  • Improvement of the functionalities of the Website:
Optimizing your experience with the Website, which includes remembering your user ID and password when you return to the Website so you do not have to log in again.

  • Connect with Social Media:
We give you the possibility of connecting with Social Media, such as Facebook.

  • Quality assurance
Ensuring the quality of the Website and to prevent misuse or irregularities in connection with using the Website.

  • Targeted advertisement:
Displaying specific advertisements on the Website which we believe you will find interesting.

3) Third party cookies

Our Website use cookies from the following third parties:
Google Analytics: for statistical purposes. You can decline cookies from Google Analytics by clicking on this link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

4) Deletion of cookies

If you want to delete the cookies already on your equipment, please visit the help page of the browser that you use.

If you wish to stop the use of cookies, you can do this by changing the settings on your Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari).

Please note that the Website Easypneus will not work to its full extent if you delete the cookies.