Sometimes the choice of tyres can be complex because of the many brands and models available. Tyre tests can help you with your choice.

Each year dozens of tyre tests in all segments (winter, summer, SUV, all season, ...) are published by magazines, automobile clubs in Europe and other independent test organizations.

Find the results of tests conducted by these organizations on our website. Simply select your tyre size, hit the search button and click on 'more info' and then 'tyre tests' below the displayed tyre.

By clicking on 'more info', the European tyre label is displayed for this article, informing you about the results of certified tests:

• The fuel efficiency (rolling resistance)
• The braking characteristics on wet road
• The noise of the tyre

The EU tyre label provides important information about safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. Similar to the energy label found on kitchen appliances, the EU tyre label makes it easy to compare different tyres. Unfortunately the tyre label does not include all test criteria, as e.g. there is no winter performance (ice, snow) shown on the tyre labels of winter tyres.