Payments are made by credit card, PayPal™ or by money transfer to the bank account of EASYPNEUS. The credit cards accepted at the site are Visa and Mastercard.

EASYPNEUS offers the secure Saferpay™ eCommerce solution of SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA (former CETREL SA), based in Luxembourg Munsbach and PayPal™ by PayPal (Europe) s.à r.l.& Cie, based in Luxembourg. SIX Payment Services Saferpay™ and PayPal™ protect against the risk of fraud and guarantees the confidentiality of credit card numbers.

Data on customers' credit cards will be encoded in a secure window by SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA and/or by PayPal (Europe) s.à r.l.& Cie and are not transmitted to EASYPNEUS. EASYPNEUS will only be informed by SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA or PayPal (Europe) s.à r.l.& Cie of the validity or invalidity of the payment.

Orders are processed only after confirmation of payment corresponding to the amount of the invoice.

In case of refusal of payment by SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA or PayPal (Europe) s.à r.l.& Cie, the order will be cancelled.